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15 minutes with: Stonesoldier


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Our resident Eclipse legend and pro baller has spoken!!!

1) Name

Chris Stone (Stoney)

2) Age


3) Where do you live?


4) What do you shoot?

Geo 3.1 Sandbaggers edition

5) What's your occupation?

Sales/Production Planet Eclipse

6) When/how did you first get into paintball?
Same as everyone else I expect, Went with some mates had the best time ever 2 days later bought our own guns from Paintball Planet.

7) What was your first marker?
Maverick Pump Gun

8) How often do you use p8ntballer?
5 days a week

9) What first brought you to p8ntballer?
My obsession with paintball, I wanted to be involved in everything I could.

10) What keeps you here?
Banning the Spammers deleting the bumpers order must be kept.

11) Have you met many people from the forum?
Not really No.

12) What is your dream gun setup?

Exactly what I have now Geo3.1 fuel ultra light bottle with Spire loader

13) What is the worst gun you've ever owned?
I wouldn't say I have ever owned a bad gun but my eclipse shocker was very big and heavy.

14) What's your favourite p8ntballer thread or post?
Someone posted explain your sex life with a film name (Deliverance was mine)

(It was me actually, in the Galaxy suite, if you can't see it you don't deserve to be there. yet ;) - Dusty)

15) If p8ntballer was yours for a day what would you change?
I quite like the way it is to be honest.

16) Explain your username?
Surname is Stone, I was in the army cadets when I was younger and still play with paintball guns today so I added the Soldier.

17) Tourney, magfed or woods/scenario?
100% Tournament

18) Who are your two favourite mods?
Robbo and Dusty

19) Who is your dream p8ntballer karaoke partner and what is the song?
Piper, Whitney Houston I will always love you

20) You're in the final of who wants to be a millionaire. Who on p8ntballer is your phone a friend?
Mmmmmmm who's te smartest any volunteers?

21) Take this opportunity to clear up one misconception about yourself?
If people see me dancing you will 100% think i a gay i get asked every time i go out, Trust me am not.

22) You've been asked into the big brother house and you can take five forum members. Who and why?
Dicki, Jim, Brownie, Piper, Ledz Put these people together and you wouldn't care if you won big brother in fact you might die from laughter !!

23) You have the chance for dinner with any 3 people living or dead. Who and why?

Alan Turing, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak These are just amazing people to me especially Alan Turing Being British went to Manchester Uni and changed the way the WW2 happened for the better (Watch the imitation Game)

24)What is your favourite film and song?
Film WARRIOR, Song Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson

25) Tell us one interesting and one boring fact about yourself.
I absolutely love dancing i cant stop till the club closes, I like long hot baths.

26) If you could give one bit of advice to people, what would it be?
In life not really in paintball, watch lots of paintball train lots don't stop till you have to stop.

27) You're invisible for a day. What do you get up to?

Message me privately for that answer !!!

28) If you could be any celebrity for a day who would it be?

Gary Beadle Geordie Shore

29) What's your most embarrassing moment?

When i was younger i was masturbating on camera to what i thought was a seriously hot girl, took me till the next day for me to realise it was a guy winding me up !

30) What is your proudest or most memorable moment in life?

I recently went to New York city which has always been a dream of mine which i will never forget, Also winning Campaign 2006 with the Kelly's and winning for Great Britain in 2011

31) what is your worst habit?

Picking my nose

32) Name your best paintballing experience?

Kelly's Vs Enemy Campaign i shoot 2 people off the break so 7 vs 5 (7-Man days) 3 minutes later they shoot 5 of us so 2 vs 5 i cross up with Jay shooting a guy in his loader he gets 1 for 1 penalty Jay then shoots a 3rd guy, i look at the snake to see some feet diving in i run up to him shoot him in the face carry on running and shoot there snake 1 to win the game the video is online still.

33) What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?

Taking My dog to the Vets

34) You're on death row, what's your last meal?

2 bacon 2 sausage 2 runny eggs 5 hash browns with beans on top 2 pieces of bread

35) First thing you'd do if you won the lotto?

Buy my perfect house, Treat all my best mates by paying off there mortgages and then buying the Millennium series and make some changes.

36) Tell us a joke

2 Muffins in an oven one says to the other Jesus its not in here the other says OH MY GOD A TALKING MUFFIN !!!

37) What's your porn star name? (name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name)

Kiss Booth