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alias timmy for sale or trade uk

stevie t

Active Member
Sep 27, 2006
1 X Bob Long 2005 Alias Intimidator Marker ( Blue to black fade )
it has a fair few up's. but i'm not sure i know them all, so will only post up the ones i know of.
- Lucky UN1 Timmy 05 board
- Dye Matrix 5 *stock* Board installed
- Cp Trigger
- Trigger guard
- Hybrid twister feedneck
- hybrid rammer cap
- CP 14" barrel
- CP Micro razor drop forward
- Dye Gauge
- New style eye covers

Included in this package
1 X small timmy repair kit
1 X stock timmy big style gauge
1 X stock rammer cap
1 X stock eye covers

also, 2 X Grip screws have been lost in his kitbag, and need replacing, if desired.
( at least he was honest and told us )