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All sold please graveyard

Dr Fingers

They don't tell me nothin
Feb 1, 2009
Dunedin, New Zealand
New markers on way so need to make some room.

First up is my Contract Killer Luxe. Bought it on here to see if I liked shooting a Luxe and have ordered a 1.5 as a result. Marker can come with standard core and bolt(modded for spring) for £575 collected.SOLD

Previous owner fitted the latest board and a new set of eyes and I have fitted a new CP trigger (also comes with another roller trigger). Was teched at Campaign Cup so shooting smoothly. Also comes with charger, case, spare battery and Contract Killer barrel sock.

IMG_2511.jpgCan be seen at the Super 5ives or CPPS round 5. If you require posting it will be at cost but would prefer buyer collecting.

Also have my Grey and Fern 08 Ego. bought it recently but have just picked an 09 so surplus to requirements. Shoots nicely and was teched by Eclipse at CPPS round 4. Some signs of anno wear as you'd expect but is a good shooter. SOLD to Jen-tell


Not in a great rush to sell and definitely not after any trades. By all means ask questions and thanks for looking.
Rich :)

Dye guy

Aug 4, 2010
I'll take the ego please mate; Pm me your paypal details- any ideas on postage costs to Yorkshire?