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Jul 24, 2013
1st pic - 2012 Proto Reflex Rail. - SOLD - Shoots fine, it had an upgraded bolt a while ago, which I forget the name of. Has some spare o-rings. One quirk, sometimes you have to unscrew the bottle to turn the air valve on, then screw it back in again. I don’t know if this is a common design fault or if someone more tech-savvy can fix it. Either way, it never stopped me from using it. No Allan keys included, lost them in the garage years ago.

2nd - Dye DM15 - SOLD - Please note Dye tool is not included and I’ve lost the owners manual. It’s here if you need it.

3rd - Dye Rotor, Tiger Lime - SOLD - Paint is a little faded and scuffed in places but nothing horrendous. Still works fine as a rotor. Includes speed feed but not original lid.

4th - Freak inserts, regular size - SOLD - 8 inserts plus case, sizes 679 up to 695. No signs of any damage.

5th - Dye I4s - SOLD

6th - Battle pack with 4 Velcro pod holders (horizontal) and a tank holder. Don’t know the manufacture, possibly NXe. Material is a bit battered in flakey, not in great nick but if you want dirt cheap for a beginner... £5.

*All items are £5 extra postage, except markers £10 because they’re a bit heavier. Alternatively you can pick up from Southampton or at the Campaign walk on in Surrey. You pay fees obviously. Any questions ask away.


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