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Any Scarab Arms TGR2 feedback or reviews???


Aug 7, 2013
Hi guys. I'm looking to buy the new TGR2 mkii coming out later this month (August). I was just wondering if any of you guys own a TGR2 and can give some feedback or reviews on it before I make my purchase. Thanks
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TRA Headshot

Old School
Mar 6, 2011
Buy a MK2! (Magfedpbuk.com)
It has much better efficiency and is a better aluminium casting, better hard anodising too. I have a Mk1.5 and before it has even seen a game, just a couple of cockings of the cycle and the latch that holds the cocking system in place has nicely smashed the aluminium into submission! Nothing major, but shows how soft the ali is!

Has a nice balanced feel to the marker, But as with all these style markers, dont expect to be able to sight down a red dot/scope without a riser. But then unless using FS rounds, you shouldn't really need a scope!

Easy strip down with three push pins (if you have the CQB kit fitted, without it you have to remove the cocking rod too, which is only another 5 second job)

Major downside is the step back to mid 80's paintball with the lack of velocity adjuster, but its very quick to change springs.

The mags are well built, you may need to sand EVERY FS round to make them feed smooth, but tbh, at 40p per shot, a bit of extra love is worth it!

A good entry level marker. I couldn't afford a Parapro, so got the TGR2

More feedback next month when its properly broken in at Warfighters :)
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