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Belated update - report on Campaign Cup 2017

Gee Tee

1/2 man - 1/2 pogo stick
Mar 21, 2007
Dartford, UK
Well we finally did it!!!

After four years of hard work and a lot of growth this weekend the team finally did what it was created to do by Alex Rat Heath in 2013. We became the first all adaptive team to play at a Millennium event!!!

But not only did we turn up and play Campaign Cup, I think its pretty safe to say we turned some heads in the process.

Naturally we have to thank GI Sportz Europe. Its no secret that if it was not for them this weekend wouldn’t have happened. From helping us arrange the entry to the flawless 4Star we shot all weekend we couldn’t have done what we did on the field without those guys. But not only did they help us on the field they had our backs off it. The Gi Sportz stand become home to the representatives from the The Royal British Legion Surrey who attended the event to watch us play and also to the teams less mobile supporters. For that we are forever grateful.

We would also like to thank the wonderful guys at the MacDev Europe. They serviced our shooters and kept them shooting smoothly all weekend even after we turned our markers on them in one of the games

But most importantly its all of you that we would like to thank the most. The level of support we received this weekend was breath taking. Everything from messages wishing us luck in the mornings to walking onto the field to hear people cheering for Unlimited. It was all just unbelievable.

Now we have thanked almost everybody who needs a mention here is how we landed our 9th place finish.

Saturday morning.

SAD – We know theses guys from CPPS and know what division they play so we went in knowing it was going to be a fight. But we stuck to our very well rehearsed game plan and delivered a solid 2-0 win against them. It might have also helped that it was early and they hadn’t yet woken up???

Onslaught – Yet again another solid team we know plays D2 at cpps so we had to yet again go in smart against theses guys. We stuck to our game plan and didnt rush anything against them and took the first point cleanly. The second point we made a slight mistake after taking a kill off the break and running through to take the wall player we landed a 141, but the guys stepped up and slowed the game down. We worked the field and squeezed out another 2-0 win with 15 second on the clock.

507Crew – 507 was the first non UK team we had played and we know from scouting they played a very defensive and a very very slow style having just beaten Ducks 1-0 after burning out the clock. They broke short, doubling up both back bunkers and the mini bag before moving wide. They dug in and waited for us to make the moves and got us when we had no choice but to be aggressive. We dropped the first point but came out against strong. We rotated players in and went at them again but despite our best efforts they dug in and burnt out the clock so we lost 1-0.


Frankfurt – well they didnt turn up so we got a instant 2-0 win. Well done to Mike Taitt for shooting all 10 players whilst moon walking to the buzzer.

THUNDERDUCKS!! - We love theses guys (kinda) and we also respect them as they do train and play very hard and take paintball very seriously. We changed our breakout to counter what they had done on Saturday and it didn’t work as they didn’t do it!! so after a couple of short gun fights and a fight with a bunker strap we dropped the first point. The second point we came out stronger and fast, we secured two early kills despite dropping one off the break ourself and we took the fight to them. After a mad couple of minutes and bodies dropping on both side the game was ended in a foot race to the buzzer. Unfortunately they got to the buzzer first and our tournament ended. But the silver lining is they came second so its not like we got knocked out by a losing team.

So there you have it for all those that have been asking how we did over the weekend. Five weeks of training landed us a 9th place finish and some amazing memories.

Bryan Leaver - team captain

One last shout out has to go to Jamie Beadle for the training and advice given to us down One41 Paintball / One41 Paintball Park and to Krystal Louise, Donna Gillies, Gary and Chippy for keeping us on track this weekend and helping manage this Circus from day one.

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