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Bottle re test confusion


UK Angel Owner
Afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

i have noticed that the steel and aluminium air systems have now started coming without re test dates printed on them and now people are saying that it is a 10 year re test from new.

i am still on the 5 year rule so i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find the rules in black and white or if anyone credible could clarify this for me.

i have 50 odd bottles at the site that are 5 years old and want to be on the safe side

cheers and happy new year to you all


Nov 27, 2006
For documentary proof you would need a copy of the current TPED regulations with the test schedules.

Ukpsf have given updated guidance in their 'paintball and the law' information including 10 years for aluminium cylinders, but have left the published hpa1 showing 5 years for steel & aluminium. (I believe there was a concious decision at the time to leave the player guidance showing that to avoid confusion and mistakes with steel cylinders - aluminiums are commonly erroneously called steeples, and in my time I haven't seen a genuine steel paintball cylinder in use)

For clarification you can go to the ukpsf and/or hpac

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