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Go Pro Hero

Kevin Winter

Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2008
Got one in the post as I type. Anyone got any advice for using it in balling - barrel or mask mount? And are the supplied mounts easily adapted for the purpose. Thanks in advance for help..

El Delementez

Mar 3, 2013
Milton Keynes
Hi Kevin,

I'd recommend going for a mask/head mount as I found fitting it to the barrel you tend to shoot a lot at the floor.

The curved mounts fit well on masks with somewhere to affix it to, but I used a gopro vented helmet mount to strap it to the top of my mask. I have some i4s arriving shortly and I think I'll be using a gopro headband that I bought but I'll have to advise how this works once the mask is here.


Sandana whore!
Aug 12, 2011
Dorset, England
Hey Kevin,
I use a gopro when I play, like El Delementez, I've found that using the barrel mount I shoot a lot of floor, Thats not so much of a problem for me in short games as my marker will always be up, but in longer games like north vs south im less concious of where the camera is faceing.

The mounts that come in the box (adhesive ones) will fit most masks if they have a flat surface available. With my i4's that won't work though because they're too rounded so I use the headband mount which fit's nicely and I find gives me better footage (y)

hope this helps


People on here are tighter than a nuns nunny.
Jun 1, 2011
Newcastle Upon Tyne
I prefer it on my barrel as it is easier for people to see what you are shooting at and you dont end up just haveing the back of your hopper in the shot, while playing north v south I just used it on my barrel as it is also alot easier to see when it is turned on and recording and not recording , also on your head it means you gotta get lower down to not get shot in it, as when ever I see one popping up thats my target.

Kevin Winter

Well-Known Member
Dec 10, 2008
Tried mounting my last camera on the mask, and spent the whole time filming the back of the hopper! I almost exclusively play sup'air, so the barrel mount looks the one. Cheers for the advice folks... :)