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Graveyard Plz


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Dec 29, 2009
Hello guys and girls!

I have been pondering for a while and I have finally decided I'm ready to part ways with my Luxe, This was brought from ANS gear as one of their 1 of 1 style colors, a truly beautiful marker which hasn't seen a whole lot of usage, I would say in total has seen less than 10 cases through it as I acquired it shortly before I changed careers and moved into my own flat which in turn made it rather difficult to play up at CPPS, and now we have Covid not exactly helping.

This marker comes with everything as it did brand new just with the Exalt grip added on, *THIS MARKER DOES NOT HAVE A CHARGER* As I foolishly let a team mate borrow it after one of the events and he then sold his Luxe with my charger and he never brought me a new one for this reason I will be asking for less to compensate for that matter.

There are some light marks here and there on the marker as I have shown in the pictures :)

My asking price for this marker will be £500 +£5 for postage Paypal or collection is welcome I am based in Eastleigh in Hampshire.

Many thanks for your time everyone, stay safe!

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