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'Insufficient Privileges to reply here'


Jul 2, 2001
I don't and have not been on these forums to waste any bodys time. So I don't have many posts since joining last year(most deals have been through pm). I was actually on here last week and was able to private message the guy no problem on a gun which unfortunately had been sold. Then I got on here today and saw where I was unable to reply because I didn't have the posts since the new rules had been put into place. So I do apologize again for the infringement just trying to get those 10 posts bud..

Have all your posts deleted. And while im at it, you can have a month long ban from the classifieds, so even if you get 10 posts, youll have to wait a month to get on there.

The new rule is there for a reason of protecting both buyers and sellers. Someone flaunting they spammed to get around is will only end badly for said person.
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Pure Evil

Aug 2, 2012
No one was flaunting that they spammed. I didn't read the rules(so I suffer the consequences). Just that I had to make 10 posts. My fault. Which without this back and forth I would have never made any meaningful posts by forum standards. What kind of conversations could I really have contributed to in the time frame to make an offer in the classifieds? But now that there is no need to bother with that there really is no need to get this worked up over it

Canon Fodder

Go to your brother, kill him with your gun.
Oct 28, 2008
Now I completely understand the reason for the new rule, basically a mollusc of a man ruined it for everyone, but I'm going to be completely honest here. I first joined p8ntballer for the classified, for months I only ever read the classifieds, I suspect my first few posts were in there. In my insatiable appetite for classic markers I've joined other forums and spammed responses just to gain access to their classified ads.

While I now enjoy the rest of the forum I'm a little afraid we'll be scaring new members off, when you first start out you don't really have opinions on the sport so might struggle to make meaningful posts.

Maybe we need some kind of guide with the introductory email on what kind of post to make.

This ain't me having a go at anyone (please don't ban me Bon!) just a shame it's been spoilt for all by the actions of one.