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Kit for sale


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Sep 30, 2013
Okey Dokey, some sublime items are for sale today. Purchase whilst they are hot to avoid disappointment!

1. Ever felt slightly on the back foot on the field, fear no more for today I have for sale a Superman (or woman) Mac dev clone five, with not one but three bolts, this beast is upgraded to the max, with a two-piece and all the inserts! Now Superman has his Kryptonite, as does this little whip; she requires a new set of eyes and an eye cover screw to return her to fighting fit status. Nevertheless, grab a bargain! - CLONE 5- £150.00

2. Feeling Gassed? No fear for sale. I have an Immortal air regulator, seen combat but in good working condition, arguably the best regulator on the market, must-have for anyone kit! - IMMORTAL AIR Regulator £20.00

3. Let's get freaky. Do you even ball if you haven't invested in a freak kit? well, now your opportunity to grab yet another steal, 11 Freak/ Empire inserts to get you going for the new season; included in this bundle is a fabulous Exalt case, slight marks on the outside, but that only confirms it is doing its job! 11 FREAK AND EMPIRE INSERTS £75.00

4. Something for you eclipse fans; here's a tip, buy this item. It's just that an FR tip has slight wear to the tip in a lovely red shade but nothing to prevent any bunkering. FR TIP- £25.00

5. OLD Skool. EVIL POD Bag, hang it on your wall, use it as a school bag or use it for your pots, just something I thought looked nice when I first picked it up; now it's your chance to own this, two small holes but nothing untoward. POD BAG- £10.00

I will cover Paypal fees postage is £3.50, open to offers!


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