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Last chance to join SaD for 2018


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Jun 2, 2012
Due to the increase in the clubs membership, coupled with the desire to ensure all our members get ample opportunities to play, we have now capped the club.

When players leave, retire or take a break, we will look to fill any gaps by promoting players, and recruiting.

Currently we have the following opportunities for 2018.

SaD Tactical & SaD TacToo - playing UK Woodland Masters, Skirmish & Pro Tour events (looking for three or four players)
SaD Fallen Angels - our all female team, will start out in Break in...(looking for one more player)
SaD Outlaws - (looking for two players) play CPPS Div 4

We are also interested in hearing from experienced players to join our coaching squad.

If you are interested message me.

All of our other squads are now full.

Staffordshire & District Paintball Club

Supported in 2018 by:

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#Anthrax Paintball
#BZ Paintball
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Sad but true
Apr 22, 2007
Bracknell UK
Hi CharlieDTP,

Are you looking for a woodsball team or speedball or both? I see Trappstar spoke to you. i will also be at campaign this weekend so your welcome ot find me and have a chat about things SAD.

I think PM is disabled for a while when you join to stop spam bots.
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