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Magfed TiPX Challenge


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Aug 1, 2013

We have the pleasure of confirming that Tippmann are to sponsor a yearly WarFighters TiPX Challenge. The challenge will be incorporated into the forthcoming Magfed weekend event titled Black OPS 1, scheduled for the 26th Oct 2013.

To take part in the action you will need to be part of a eight man team. Teams can be formed and submitted via this blog page, but will be capped at the first 10 teams to apply. Players will be given an allotted time to take part in their mission and will be transported to and from the Battle Field location to the Shoot House via military vehicle. Teams will be judged on their time, the amount of hostages they rescue, how many of their unit survives and how many OPFOR are finished. The winning team will receive a certificate together and will have their names added to the WF TiPX Trophy. In order to make this as fair a competition as possible, WarFighters will not be entering a home team.

The competition format is as follows:

  • Location: WarFighters Shoot House
  • Mission Object: Hostage Rescue
  • 8 Man Team Vs 3 Man OPFOR
  • Mission Time: 10mins
All TiPX pistols, ammo and magazines will be included. The event is free to any attendee that has paid to attend either the Black-OPS (26th Oct 2013) game or the MFOG Community Day (27th Oct 2013)