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NEW for 2015......


Lady Organ Grinder
Howdy ladies and gentle folks,

In years gone by I always used to run my King Of The Hill event to encourage new teams. Since the recession started it seems to have gotten more difficult for new teams to find 5 players... So what to do to bring new players into tournament paintball.... 3 MAN of course....

Entry per person includes your game fee, a WHOLE box of paint AND a bear hug cuddle from me or Jem Jem..... How much I hear you say???? Just £45....... Yes that's it and to show support to the UKPL and their sponsors each event will use a different paint sponsors paint.... So expect GI, Kee, Valken and Laysick paintballs available at all my events.

The 3 Man will run on the Saturday afternoon before every Northern Masters/UKPL event, it isn't just for new players as some of the regular players also want to participate, so as well as a rookie division , I'll also be running an amateur division too.

We are also encouraging players to camp over Saturday night at the site, were camping is FREE, then they can spectate or play on the Sunday...... Damn it that's good.....

If you require more information please call me on 07849 108 947 my name is Wendy and I am the Lady Organ Grinder!

We very much look forward to meeting you.