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NEW TO THE FORUM!! Then please read before you post!!!!!!!

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Dark Warrior

Nov 28, 2002
Welcome to the P8ntballer.com forum

There is a lot of information on here and there are a lot of members with knowledge of various aspects of paintball, but be warned not everybody is impartial.

Etiquette:- How we expect you to behave :D

1. No Text Speak :- Some people say it shouldn't even be on mobile phones. Use it on here and judgement WILL be swift. Single phrase abbreviations i.e. lol, roflmao, etc are deemed acceptable.

2. Conduct:- Moderators will monitor threads, so try to keep them on topic. There is a degree of leeway as discussions develop, but keep things personable. Newbies are exactly that persons new to the forum or new to paintball, give them some latitude, you were like them once. Personal attacks are severely frowned on and so is running about the forum posting stupid little comments to get your post count up.

Note:- Some other helpful info

1. The Newbies section is for new players to introduce themselves and ask questions.

2. Please refrain from asking about gun upgrades and such and so forth, the best place for technical and buying advice is the Techroom

3. Information about tournaments then check out the Tournament Section and so on.

4. If you are looking for other ballers in your area check out my UK Team List

Enjoy the forums ;)
Not open for further replies.