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Northern Paintball League - 29th June at Wakefield


Lady Organ Grinder
Yes ladies and gentle folks it is that time again......back to sunny Wakefield where we will be taking care of by the Somo Crew.....

Just one week away from the biggest tournament in the UK, the English Leg of the Millennium European Paintball Series, Campaign Cup, so naturally we will be using this field layout....

Camping is free on the Saturday night, so come join us all around the bbq and camp fire, let's make a weekend of it.....

Teams can train the field on the Saturday for £5.00 per person to cover the cost of air, so please book in so you can be allocated with a team to train against...

We will of course have the usual trade stands in attendance, BZ Paintball Supplies, and Envy Paintball, who will also be selling paint, please give them a call to book your paint in advance so your not disappointed.

As you would expect the Masters Crew including referees will be there to make your day extra enjoyable....and of course there will be trophies for first to third place in all divisions as well as swwwwweeeetttttiiiiieeesssss.......

So come and join us for what I promise will be another awesome event....

Teams booked in so far;

Asylum Loonatics - confirmed

Jokers - confirmed

Phoenix 5 - confirmed

Freestylerz - confirmed

Durham DV8 3 - confirmed

Durham DV8 2 - confirmed

Envyous - confirmed

Shell Shocked - confirmed

Aces - confirmed

So there you have it was is looking to be a decent team list.....all teams have until Thursday morning to confirm their team.......we very much look forward to taking care of you.....so call me maybe!!!!
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