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NSPL Round 1 - Scores

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
The dust (or should that be mud) has settled after the first fixture in the NSPL's 2010 season. Those of you who have been following the NSPL over the last couple of seasons will know that the scores from each event are broadcast live on the http://www.nspl.co.uk web site, but it's always good to duplicate this information on the forums and shine some praise on those teams who performed so well at the event...

Division One
1st - London Defiance
2nd - AGG Factory
3rd - London Shockwave
4th - London Tigers 2
5th - Demolition Squad
6th - Relentless Kidz

Division Two
1st - Kinetic
2nd - Relentless-Khaos
3rd - Team Rampage
4th - Chelmsford Halloween
5th - Snatch
6th - London Tiger Siberian
7th - NA Angels
8th - Jersey Warriors
9th - London Hazard
10th - Impact
11th - Shock 2
12th - Broken

Division 3
1st - GBH
2nd - UWE Insidious
3rd - Kinetic Pulse
4th - Redskins
5th - Demo Squad Youngins
6th - Fraternity
7th - Topcats

Division 4
1st - Scraesdon Warriors
2nd - GBH Exile
3rd - Chaotic Rampage
4th - Mindful Violence
5th - Jersey Warriors YG
6th - UWE Underdogs
7th - Mayhem Mantis
8th - Watford Reformed
9th - Demo Squad Youngins 2

1st - CPC Militia - 696
2nd - Apocalypse - 606
3rd - Pompey Uni - 528
4th - Havoc - 430
5th - Distortion - 398
6th - Gloucester Dodge - 252
7th - Fearless - 226

Thank you so much for a massive amount of support for our first event of the season. I hope you all had a great weekend and the feedback that we have received both in person and over the Internet is greatly appreciated. We already have plenty of improvements in mind for Round 2 and will be talking to Yorkie at Bricket Wood to see what we can put in place to make the next event even better than this one.

One point to mention guys, is that we only guarantee 3K air these days and we are limiting the pressure to the pit air panels to 3K throughout this season. Anything above 3K from the main panel is a bonus. This is standard practice these days as the day's of needing 4.5K air fills are behind us and delivering 3K air at reduced fill rates is safer, particularly with so many fill panels available to you all at NSPL events.

On the subject of coaching, team's and spectators new to coaching will naturally take a little time to adjust to this new feature of our Division 2 format. Designated coach areas of something we will strive to implement, but we are limited on space at Bricket Wood. There is a gentlemen's agreement with coaching that everyone should bare in mind - generally spectators will let the team's coaches do their job by striving not to drown out the coaches' voice with their own shouts. A little common sense and respect for each other is all that is needed to ensure a fun and rewarding experience.

Thank you so much once again. Registration for Round 2 will open in a day or two and I look forward to seeing you all again at that event.