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NSPL Round 2 - Divisions

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
We are all set for the second round of the NSPL at Bricketwood this Sunday. With a slight increase in numbers and the inclusion of the Proto KotH, it is looking to be a great event running across two fields. You can find the confirmed divisions and time schedules for the day below...

Division Two - Group 1 (9am Start)
London Fearless
Relentless Khaos
NA Angels

Division Two - Group 2 (10:30am Start)
Kinetic Force
Tigers 2
Woodnook Wizards
London Hazard

Division Three (9am Start)
Kinetic Pulse
CPC Militia
Jersey Warriors
Jersey Warriors Blue
GBH Exile
London Mayhem 2
Mindful Violence

Proto KotH (1pm Start)
Leicester Uni Vanguard
Aber Uni Anarchy
London Riot 2
Shooters United
Essex Undead

The Division 2 groups will be re-seeded at lunch time, same as we did in 2010. The top four will play off for 1st-4th places and the bottom four for 5th-8th places.

Division 3 will play the morning session, finishing at lunch time. Proto KotH will play the afternoon session, finish around 4:30pm.

As always, the site will be open from 7am and I look forward to welcoming you all on Sunday morning.
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