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Mar 2, 2015
Hi guys, Hope you're all well. I am here to offer you or your team a handy service if you choose to use www.Paintballplanner.com

As an ex professional paintball player that has played paintball since the year 2000, I have realized that perfect organization is a huge part of a successful paintball team. I wish I could say my team was organized but we were very much not and we didn’t win at the pro level. I am sure for certain, organization affected our results as a team. The wealthy teams would seem to be the winners and they all have come to the same conclusion that being organized was a big part of winning.

You need pit staff, pots and someone to book itineraries. There was one member of my team that was in charge of booking all the flights, hotels and care hire. It was a nightmare for him and he was forever chasing money from team members whilst forever stressing and growing gray hairs. This stress translated onto the field and affected the way he played. I see this in every non-commercial team. Getting a team to one event is a hustle let alone several events in one year.

The world has changed since 10 years ago and now with the evolution of the internet, I mixed my paintball knowledge with my business knowledge and so PaintballPlanner.com was born. Now you can let our service deal with the pain of the organizing events for such a small fee. When you make an account with us, you are now a much more advanced team, which I hope that means you’re more likely to do better at your tournaments.

Sign up with us and all you have to do is tell us your schedule and give us your team’s details and we will take care of the rest for you. Can’t make an event? Just notify us and we will skip that event for you. Need to add a new member? We will add their details to the account. We will send every member the same itinerary so everybody is on the same page. We make it incredibly simple for the layman.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose to travel with PaintballPlanner.com, you can travel with confidence. The clarity of our website, the expertise, the experience the knowledge and enthusiasm of our guides, all enable you to be fully informed before you book and carefree when you travel. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing PaintballPlanner.com

Our Value
Our buying power and long-standing relationships in the travel industry generated over many years enables us to contract flights, hotels and car hire at highly competitive rates to suit you and your team’s budget.

Our Service
Our booking agents perform itineraries in other industries, meaning you can be reassured that your hotels, excursions and journeys have been fully considered by an expert for a small fee.

Our Promise
We believe that our itineraries should benefit you and your team to strive and ensure that you have less things to worry about when organising paintball trips. so that you can focus on the task at hand, winning the tournament and the series!

Your Protection
We are a verified service, meaning your money is safe with us. We do a pre pay service. Which means we will show you the final price before you send the money. If you’re not happy with the itinerary, don’t pay, which means there is no fee.

Check us out at: www.PaintballPlanner.com

Questions? Feel free to email us at info@paintballplanner.com or post on this thread, or PM me where I will be happy to answer any questions you have for us. Good luck this year.

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