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PLEASE READ! New classified sub section, old and rare items can be auctioned!


Aug 19, 2003
Ok have discussed this with the mod team, and have put the feelers out in this thread


This is also where you guys come into it, we need some basic ground rules and "how to auction on a forum" guidelines, please feel free to add them to this thread, we can all discuss them and I'll add it all to a sticky in the new sub section, when it is live!

My ideas...
Was thinking on the goods, and not having an age limit, but rather a guide, like 10yrs old or older, but if its super rare, proper nice, ultra custom and you get the nod from a mod, then it can go in. But for something less than 10yrs old, it would have to be pretty special to be allowed in for auction. All normal selling rules also apply.

For the auction, need to include in your post, duration, deadline, postage fee's and to state "add 4% to final bill for pp fee's". Also include a pic with name and date etc

Just hoping we can get to see some really nice Eclipse Splash Mags or a Super Cocker or something like that :D

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Sounds good, Bolter.

To my mind, guns that would fall into this category would include:-

1. Eclipse splash automags & autocockers;
2. E-blade autocockers;
3. DM4's;
4. Earlier versions of the Matrix, such as the Trauma Matrix;
5. KAPP autocockers;
6. Pre-'05 Intimidators;
7. Eclipse autocockers - the mechanical type, like the kind K2 rolled with around 2002;
8. PMI 3's....if any are still knocking around!
9. Lockout/FreeFlow autocockers. I'd be surprised if any of these were in the UK, though.

Not an exhaustive list, of course.

Custom versions of newer guns could be included, for example the Method SL from 2007. The guide to rare versions of Planet guns on PBNation could be used as a reference point.

Clothing-wise, examples would be:-

1. JT Ironmen jerseys;
2. Miami Rage "305" jerseys;
3. Pre--'04 Aftershock jerseys;
4. Banzai Bandits/K2 jerseys.
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Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Apologies if I have named Planet too many times in the above post. But....they have made a shedload of guns & stuff.

Besides WDP, I'd be hard pressed to name another British company that has had such an impact on the game as we know it now.