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Privileges to post on for sale posts


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Maybe time to drop the threshold very slightly...

I get there is only so many times you can post without looking like spam / there is only so much rubbish i want to see posted.

Changes are coming, I know it can be slow at times but we can't rebuild the forum activity overnight. The threshold was brought in to stop scammers and it worked, when was the last time you saw anyone complain about not receiving kit they'd bought?

like anything, it can and will be improved but also like everything it will take time. We'd rather do it once and do it right so bear with us!! We are getting there!!


Getting back into the game
Jul 17, 2019
Ah I never saw the platinum account advertised, i’d recommend some sort of message promoting it as users sign up because I may have actually gotten it straight away at the time.

I mean for me personally I registered because I saw an x7 for £25 here, and in the end I found the seller on Facebook quite easily (sadly I can’t get it as I have a wedding on the one date I could have picked it up).

In that specific case I would have quite happily arranged to pay in full and then trust the seller to actually provide it but of course that doesn’t work so well for a £500+ marker.

Maybe there could be something with asking people to upload a photo of their id? While there isn’t much it can do in the way of truly preventing someone scamming others, it’s pretty much the same concept as a lock, keeping honest people honest.

Just an idea of course, the only reason i’m particularly against these post limits is back when I played years ago as a kid someone on a forum with this system in place stole my x7 when I paid him to repair it anyway, so it didn’t do much in terms of an effective deterrent