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Psp raises rate of fire

jamie perrett

playing for nexus kids
May 6, 2014
Well that lasted long

Lawrenceville, Georgia – February 3rd, 2015
- After months of technical development, a collective of paintball industry engineers launched a beta version of a unique new firing mode for professional paintball players, “True Semi”, designed to showcase the true talent of the PSP’s incredible athletes. Originally released with a semi-automatic 12.5 BPS cap, PSP pro players around the world tested True Semi and provided amazing feedback, all of which was taken into account and analyzed in great detail. Today the PSP team has decided to raise the True Semi ROF cap to 13.33 BPS for the 2015 season.

The PSP launched True Semi to bring the skill of shooting a paintball gun back to the sport of professional paintball. True Semi creates a more competitive environment, where getting G’s becomes even more of an art form than it is today. True Semi adds another layer of difficulty to the game of paintball that correlates with the PSP’s core values of providing the highest level of competitive tournament paintball in the world.