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Sending marker internationally

Sep 27, 2016
Hello all,

Just looking for some quick advice I’m posting a marker from the uk to Sweden, I’m just a bit wary as to what to put on the label as contents? I’ve heard bad stories about markers going missing due to the couriers knowing what is contained in the package? Or am I being paranoid!? Or just put something vague like “sports equipment” ?

Also what courier is best to use? Royal Mail?

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
Royal Mail - or Parcelforce - is good, but can be expensive. Parcel2Go is cheaper.

Measure the box, weigh it and get a quote online. Make sure you use a tracked & signed for service, insure it for the correct amount and mark it as "toys" on the label.

I've shipped stuff to mainland Europe, Canada and the USA with no issues.