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Strange LV1 behavior.


Sad but true
Apr 22, 2007
Bracknell UK
I got a lv1 second hand of these forums and have now used it twice at squad training and it has done this both times.

When I first chrono its always hot regardless how I have left it from last use. I drop it to 290ish and run it for a couple of games and some drills and then chrono again say an hour later and its dropped 30 fps. Same paint and barrell and full tank. I then bring it back up to 290's and 1 time it stayed there for the rest of the day and the other it dropped 30 fps again later.

Settings are semi with factory settings and both solonoids on 7. The previous owned said he hasnt changed anything on it as it didnt need it but i havent tried the resetting of the lrp and hpr to check if they are still factory set.

My tank is using a ninja UL reg set of HP.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Planet Eclipse
Mar 4, 2007
Manchester, Stretford
Robert says

''Could be a multiple of issues here:

First: check the inline regulator seal. May need replacing or flipped over to the other side. Replacement seals are in the spares bag of the marker.
Change the solenoid setting for HIGH POWER during the cold weather.
Put some fresh oil on the rammer and the Lever as well. Sounds like the Lever is dry.
Possibly new rammer O-rings.
Feel free to open the front SFR adjuster to 10.
Use Energy Paintball battery''
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