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Adam Axford

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Nov 14, 2013
Greater Manchester
I'm working all weekend but my dad and brother in law went to the last one at Outpost...

Hoping to get out next Sunday as a team for some training together


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Jun 14, 2011
Does anyone have any advice for playing in a Sup Air Tourny? (3-Man)
when you have kills and are trying to close out the game ,when you move if not spotted dont shoot till you have the shot . With the whole field available move to bunkers where you have best ground .ie not the snake ,too low and restricts movement .Look for positions where you can hold off a 2 on 1 ,play tight ,but with less paint about remember knowing where they are is key as movement in 3 man is the key to winning . Will do your 5 man game a big benefit also
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lewis bowden

Dec 13, 2013
i am new to the sport and was wondering what is the best way to train for sup air and if there is anything else i can do to improve like gym workout etc?


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Jun 14, 2011
Apart from get your general fitness as high as possible,since having your heart rate through the roof,will not help accuracy or decision making. Shuttle sprints are the most relevant to paintball ,all explosive activity .What you can practice is holding the squat position and rotating positions round a bunker standing position. If you have a gun you can practice ,switching hands ,snapping up to a shot off the break.Both moves are automatic to a seasoned player but require honing your muscle memory. You can practice knee,hip slides ,crawling down snake with your gun up.Whenever you practice anything,even fitness work ,always with gun in hand .You can shorten the learning curve considerably by being comfortable with the basic moves of paintball,leaving your brain free to concentrate on shooting and comms. The internet is full of vids to help Try Tech PB,Planet Eclipse and Marcello Margotts school just for starters. Subscribe to PB Acess for hundreds of game vids you can both watch and listen to pros commentate.This means when you finally take to the field you will be as prepared as possible "Fail to prepare,prepare to fail".Nothing will guarantee sucess ,it will make failure less likely!


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Jul 12, 2012
Here are some links from a pro player, that can help you mastering the technique....

Also, if you can... try practicing some 3 on 2 matches... Try holding back the 3 players, that way you can practice the communication with you team mate... Also try not to rush or panic, the most important thing is to be calm at any point....