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Super5ives the Who's, What's, Where's and When's


Jul 10, 2001
Sexy South
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Welcome to the Super5ives Tournament forum, thanks to Pete and the P8nt team for making this happen, and giving us our own special little place.

The Who's:

Well the Super5ives our Myself and my long suffering girlfriend/wife (depending when you read this). I have been playing tournement paintball since '89, and previously ran trade and tech stands mainly at the NSPL and M25 series. I have been running tournaments now for a little over 3 years firstly with the Freeky 5 man and now under my own banner of the Super5ives.

The What's:

Super5ives runs divisional based series comprising both M5 and Race to formats as well as hybrid divisons mixing the 2 formats.

The Where's:

We host all of our events at Ambush Paintball, nr Southampton Hants (satnav postcode SO32 2HL) for more precise instructions please visit http://www.ambushpaintball.co.uk/directions.shtml

The When's:

We run events every month, with the series split into a summer (April - Sept) and winter (Oct - March)

Please feel free to ask any questions here, at our website www.super5ives.com (in the process of redesign) or our facebook (search super5ives)

Impulse raider

Jun 4, 2008
Firstly i would like to congratulate you Kitch and Noush on your soon to be marriage..

This Is a must play site in my opinion, kitch and his many friends that help him have been putting long hard hours into this site recently to bring all the fields inline with current requirements..

With Two fields nearing total completion and alot of other stuff being developed this site is truely becoming a ballers tourney dream site..

With Kitch you get that great warm welcome along with him making sure you are having a fun packed event.

We all know that trying to run a site is by know means cheap but todo it near on single handed i aplaud you sir...

I look forward to your winter events and what you have lined up in the way of divisions and race events...

Keep up the good work kitch and noush and all involved in this site.

Carl ..

Ohhhh ps i'll take the bribe later... ;);)
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Super5ives 2010 Champions
About time too!

Really happy to see that all the hard work is paying off here. I know first hand how much time and effort Kitch has put into making the Super5ives work, both from a personal perspective living around the corner from him and from a working perspective being an employee at Ambush .

The partnership Kitch has with Ambush has made this series come on in leaps and bounds, and both Kitch and Ambush have the forsight to see that investment in the tournament fields is what is needed. In the next few months we should start seeing the second field coming back online, and I know there are plenty of plans afoot for the staging area between the fields.

Bascially boys and girls you will soon have a tournament/training ground fit for heroes! Lets be honest, its pretty much there already! ;)

However, without the support of all the teams that come down to play the series none of this would be happening. So make sure you carry on getting your asses down to the events and bring your mates! Don't be scared of asking Ambush to use the fields for training either, they are quite reasonable. :D


Jul 10, 2001
Sexy South
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Thanks Carl and Smally, we really do try and push things forward, and as Smally so rightly says without the help of Jim & Chris at Ambush paintball none of this would be possible. It really is a pleasure working with them, and seeing a rental site owner investing in not only tournement paintball but walk-ons and big games is truely inspiring.

And don't take these 2 goon's words for gospel, come on down and have a look for yourselves, you don't have to bring a team, you don't have to play, just pop down for a cuppa and a chat and see what all the fuss is about.
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Dr Fingers

They don't tell me nothin
Feb 1, 2009
Dunedin, New Zealand
Super 5ives

If Carlsberg organised paintball tournaments this would be the result. Really friendly players and marshals, good facilities and the opportunity to train and play on full size fields. Looking forward to playing in the Winter series.


I'm a country member!
Winter Series

Where are the Winter Series dates Steve?

I have missed my monthly dose (that being the most appropriate word I can think of) of Super5ives and look forward to Max's gay coat and toasting my shins on the electric fire!

Remember I'll be in Flo-rider for World Cup and the weekend befor, even that won't be the same though ;)


I think we need a bigger boat
Aug 25, 2008

I can vouch for this series as a must play event as well. Kitch and his crew put on a corking day and our team ( DV ) have had an absolute ball this year and will definitely continue with the Super5ives.
A really friendly atmosphere and relaxed vibe with no w*****s ( well...maybe just one ) which is a change for the Sup Air scene.



Rick O'shay the irish cowboy
Jul 21, 2013
southampton (eastleigh)
me, my bro and my friend are all new to paintball, we have done a walkon at ambush last month and are going agen on the 18th.
i was just wondering if we would be able to come down and watch this sunday as we would like to see what it is all about as we would like to get more into the sport and possibley join a tournarment?
please let me no if this is ok or anythink i need to know
thanks dan :)