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Want Your Eclipse Marker Serviced??, Please Read This before you do!

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Planet Eclipse
Mar 4, 2007
Manchester, Stretford
From time to time Planet Eclipse recieve Eclipse markers in the post with no info on there at all

If you dont send us any information we cant thelp you

in order to get your marker back to you ASAP we need you to fill out our Eclipse Tech form
any markers sent to us without the correct information like this will simply sit on a shelf waiting for you to call us

please read info below and see link of for the Tech Form

Sending in a Marker?
Before sending in your marker for servicing please follow these simple steps to ensure effective & timely service.
  • Download the official http://www.planeteclipse.com/site/service_centres
  • Complete the "Name " field with your FULL name (first name, last name)
  • Complete the "Address " field with your FULL address making sure to include your zip/post code
  • Complete the "Product(s)/Marker(s)" field with details of each product that you are sending in, including the MODEL (where applicable) and SERIAL NUMBER (where applicable)
  • Complete the "Summary of Issues" field with details of the issues that you are experiencing with each of the above products
  • Confirm that the above products are registered for warranty purposes by ticking the relevant box
  • Complete the Contact fields providing your Cell/Mobile number and Email address
  • Sign and print your name at the bottom of the document
  • Print the completed document & include the completed Covering Letter with the products that are sent in to the Eclipse Service Center.
Please note that all markers are returned to there owners under UPS Insured shipping see charges below:

Geo £19.71 Inc Vat
LV1 £19.21 Inc Vat
Etek £11.35 Inc Vat
Etha £11.00 Inc Vat
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