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Yet another newbie question


I move like the wind
Mar 28, 2006
Im sure this might have been covered in another thead somewhere but though i would ask anyway. How do I go about joinin a team? and how long do you need to have played before you can join one? and whats the rough cost an month of being in a team?


Go Ball Deep!!!
You make a team sound like a regular club, like say.. going to karate every thursday evening for 2 hours and paying exactly £6.99 + Vat a session.
Generally it all varies.. and is more dependant on what you want to put in..

The Vast majority of teams, if you want to join them, just Ask, and see if they will let you tryout, or come to a training day with them, ect.

another good idea is go to a Sup Air walkon day somewhere and talk to people, see what they have to say..

As for experience, Higher level teams generally only want experienced players, but most teams will take you on with any level of experience, as long as you show a willingness to learn & train, your personal experience shouldnt be a problem.

As for Cost.. That is entirely up to you..
Depends on :-
1:- How Often you can Train.
2:- How often your Team train.
3:- How often your team travels to tournies.
(and most importantly)
4:- How much you choose to spend...

There are no real prequisites to joining a team..
The only thing is you gotta show them you want it...

P.S :- (Your own kit is usually usefull..)


Mar 30, 2006
um...i guess you can join a team at anytime in your paintball career. Throwing yourself in the deep end can be good for some people (wouldnt recommend it if you were taking up swimming)

Look on here for teams in your general area then contact some guys who play for your local teams. Dont be afraid to ask.

The cost well that all depends on how much you will be playing,

hope that helps


Mar 30, 2006
You beat me to it equinox. oh and another piece of advice is never sleep. as you can see from 2members of the welshdragons replying to posts in the wee hours of the morning... ;-)

soopaman luva

nolimit soulja
look for teams in your area ,then just ask them if you can come to one of their training days,most teams will take new guys and teach them the basics

our team nolimit bridgend has 2 squads the p.a squad and the young gunz squad, all new players join the yg squad first and then have the choice to get better and move up to the p.a squad or be happy and stay at the yg level

as for cost well some teams have subs you have to pay into every month, price depends on the teams but some u just turn up at training pay your share for paint then your deposit for the tourney etc

would help if you said where you are from :)

looks like all us welsh guys are up into the small hours :)

(when u welsh dragons gona come and have a training day with us ? we dont bite ;) )


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Sep 1, 2004
rochester, UK
I aim to please.
Honestly tho, try the guys at the league, they are a new team and a friendly bunch too.
Magic 8ball is their captain
They should be able to help you