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Your advice please

Ali Amer

Regular Baller
Jul 19, 2012
hello everyone i just want your advice on the issue. The issue is commitment. Since i was introduced to the sport, i was a young enthusiastic guy but it is hard to play everytime because of my limited transport options and fiancial issues. So i thought when i leave the school in 2 years time and attend local university( universities in London) and i will probably have my own car. This means i have more freedom and time to play but that will occur when im about 19-21(im 17 now). Regarding to the thread topic, can i have some ideas or advice on what should i do. I dont mind criticism to balance things up.


UWE Paintball
Mar 17, 2003
Bristol, UK
Does your proposed Uni have a team? Not that i'm saying you should base your future education on whether it does or not. But if it did that would make life a lot easier.

Tony Harrison

What is your beef with the Mac?
Mar 13, 2007
What Cook$ said.

Focus on getting a good degree in a useful subject, then play paintball when you graduate. If the Uni have a team, fine, but don't let the team take priority over your studies.

If you are doing a degree in a useless subject - for example, Library Science - ignore of all of the above. Get faced each night, play all the paintball you like, sleep with your best mate's mum. Whatever you like. With a degree in that subject, you aren't going to get a job anyway.
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Jan 4, 2008
If you want to play, do it. Whilst I was at college I did everything I possibly could to play paintball, more often than not training or playing both days of the weekend, and keeping up with my college work. It's possible, now it might get harder in your 3rd year, and depending on your dedication incredibly harder in your first year. If you can afford to run a car, fantastic. If not you're in London, so transport wont be impossible to get to BW. You say local, so I assume you'll be living at home? student loans would be kind to you. It comes down to you at the end of the day, you either want to play every weekend, or you don't. Nobody can make that decision for you. It is possible, with enough effort and forethought, to do both.
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