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  • OK OK, now uve seen mine, lets see yours !

    P.S, he's just told me hes leaving you to prove his undying love for me and my moobs
    I want to see said rack picture. Then I may get mine out. But doubtful, very doubtfull :p

    He still loves me more nerrrrrr!!
    That sounds hot, paintball is paintball but theres nothing wrong with having fun looking good :p

    I'm studying biology or biomedical science depending on where I go and if i get my grades!!
    No :(

    We live pretty far apart so I only really see him on weekends or every other untill I go to university.

    Yay! Those bandana frames look so good. :)
    Hahaha, yeah I'm fine thanks!

    I'm guessing you're the guy I was speaking to on MSN?

    It's alright, he says your still his first love, but he can't resist women sometimes lol.

    How are you?
    Notification squad for Kat !
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