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  • Paul its bruce, been trying to get hold of you but your mobile number keeps going to voice mail

    give us a call if you get a chance 07967389533

    Hi matey,

    If you've got your dive tanks still, would you mind bringing one or two down 2mrw? We've got about 7 between us already including a couple of 300bars but it all helps out. I'll be setting up a 3 tank system so we'll definately have enough anyway.
    I left and have now re-joined Mean Machine.
    I've seen that Jamie is now doing walk-ons, so will be keeping my eye out for the dates :)
    alright matey - only a tiny little one, so alls good :). not played yet though , so itching to get back. Hows things with you?
    Great - Mark did mention it, and you did say on your post in the thread you couldn't make it, I just skimmed through it and didn't notice so sorry for asking again! Really looking forward to this tourney, as you say hopefully the first of many. I'll keep you posted if anything new crops up.

    Good stuff mate - can you make the 15th? Mark's wondering if you can make it down as well.
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