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    thats fine,do the same with the ego when you list it.
    The rules are there to be followed by everyone,pictures are required with your user name and todays date on a piece of paper in the pictures with the items.
    if you sort the pictures out i will release the thread for you to add them.
    Is it a SFT or NXt...or other kind, I.E a private label shocker...although it does vary for shocker to shocker i've found for a stock bodied SFT 7 turns in for both usually oes the trick (this should line the end of the insert with the bottom of the threads) for everything else 9 turns seems to do the trick, may need a little tweaking, I think mine are at 7 in and a quarter out and the other shocker i just put them all the way in. Experiment from what info I've given and find the "perfect" depth for yours, it's won't vary that much from the typical.
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