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  • in middlesbrough mate, rainbow shooter is your best bet because i spent a lot of money buying kit from him :) as i said in the thread i havent sold anything yet though
    it looks a bit like the pmi preset. I've not seen one but i expect it'll perform well enough
    chef upload the videos onto our forum and onto here if you want...preferably our forum though ;)

    haha unlucky.. im traveling with phoenix so unsure if im going down day before or early morning but its gonna be good all the same :) see you sunday buddy
    heya mr.chef. yes m8. im gonna be there and cant wait. im hoping your gonna be on my team then.. cant wait :D
    nothing bad. cant wait to meet ya good self :D are you gonna be playin the PA in a few weeks?
    coming down at about 3 chef you can help me set up my tent lol. might make it a bit earlier. im going to get beer first though lol. drink all day :D

    Hi chef if i am down on the saturday fancy a 1-on-1 on the supair at big game :D
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