1. Sarah Davis

    New team

    Well it appears I don’t play well with others, so, looking at this from a different angle and thinking start a new team myself. Been playing a bit the past few years in a few different teams with varying success. Looking at setting up in break in (or is it break out, whichever is the starting...
  2. L

    What to practice if you can't get to a field.

    I play speedball with Apocalyse uprising at cpps, but we dont have a field local to us that means its not a hassle to get to. We do practice the layout once for a day prior to each round but inbetween then what kind of things should we be doing to be more competitive. We have out local...
  3. Jordan Willetts

    Do you need media coverage at CPPS 2017?

    Hi Guys, CLJW will be down CPPS every round covering all of the divisions from Elite to Break-In. Visit our Facebook page to see last years photos!- https://www.facebook.com/cljwmedia/ While you're there drop us a message to show your interest! Best of luck to you all!
  4. emi

    UK Ladies Paintball Cup

    Evening all. UK Ladies Paintball Cup 2016 is nearly here. Held at the UK’s finest site, CPPS. Ainsley and his crew have always backed this Female event and we are lucky to have such a top site to have the event. Along with Ainsley himself of course to help the day to run smooth!! We have...
  5. Chin Balls

    How good is CPPS!

    I'm a virgin to paintball and this year is my first ever tournament. I just wanted to say, HOW GOOD IS CPPS! - It's like paintballs answer to a music festival. Just thought id share my newbie hype.. getting a little excited.
  6. Buffers

    Proteus Needs You

    Hey everyone. Team Proteus is looking for some new team mates. We're down on players for CPPS breakout this year as most of the team is focused on UWL this year. Looking for: Centre Back Dorito Forward Back snake corner/ God If anyone wants to have a go and try out I am training at outpost...
  7. PoloRolo

    LOOKING: Team For 2016

    Good afternoon fellow paintballers, I will begin simply by saying I'm don't have a team to play for 2016 season and I would really hate to miss a season or continuously ask my friends to get me to play for someone. From that said, I'm looking for a team or TRIALS to join a team. I'm based in...