1. LordRodders

    Looking to start speedball, need advice/help

    hi all, Complete newbie to this, really liking the speedball game type, I am very competitive so this game mode is perfect for me. Any suggestions on how to start, what’s best marker for beginner, anywhere I can practice speedball, any teams etc? I am based in Middlesbrough (North East)...
  2. Elite Combat Games


    Hello All, I am currently in the process of opening a new site in Northern Ireland, Iv a few items still to acquire before ill start building the site. I am hoping some of you may be able to suggest somewhere where these things could be purchased, wither it be at your own site, local site or...
  3. Lewis Keen

    Tournament Paintball

    Hi Guys I'm relatively new to paintball been to a few walk ons, but I am really interested in tournament paintball, I'm from the Worcestershire area. Any ideas on what to do next? Thanks.
  4. danlaws1895

    Brighton teams?

    Relatively new player. Fast and fearless. Looking to play as much paintball as possible.
  5. Matthew Phillips

    Semi experienced player looking for team near Oxford.

    Hey! I graduated last year and had to leave my uni team so I'm in need of a new team! Looking to train and compete where possible. I have a car so willing to travel but not too far! Don't currently have my own tournement marker but I'm working on it.
  6. Y

    New and looking for gear

    Wanting to take up paintballing more often and needing some equipment. Markers, masks etc etc Many thanks
  7. joffrey_baratheon

    Join my team for fun!

    Right, pretty much every paintball team is one that's sheerly for competition purposes. And yeah that's all fine and good. Alot of people enjoy that but what I want is to have a team of guys and girls that can just go into any Paintball event/weekend/walk on and people will be like "oh god it's...