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Alternative to Love Juice Oil & Grease


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Jan 13, 2018
Just recently getting back into paintball after a long hiatus and I need to get my rig back in tip-top condition. I’m currently running a Cobra Mamba Angel IR3 that’s been upgraded with a Fly board and eyes, with an Angel A.I.R. reg.

I have some Love Juice Oil, but it’s been sitting in my Pelican case for 10 years. Is it still okay to use?

I’m also looking for an alternative for Love Juice Grease, which I can’t find anywhere. I’ve heard Dow 33 Light is an acceptable alternative, but I’d like to hear some more opinions.

Thanks in advance!


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May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Any of the paintball stores will do lubes. Eclipse do their own gun oil and grease too. It doesn't have to be brand specific, you can use Dye lube on a Smart parts marker and so on.

Eclipse, BZ, Just Paintball... any of those guys will help you out over the phone too.
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