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Apocalypse Paintball are recruiting! - Herts/Cambs border


Team Apocalypse.
Jun 12, 2006
Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Apocalypse Paintball are looking for new members for its SupAir team!

We are a friendly team based on the Herts/Cambs border, and are looking for players to join the team.
Apocalypse has two sides, the SupAir and Woodsball teams, you've probably heard most of us at the Big Game where we regularly field 100+ players and Jamie Powell, the owner of Apocalypse has been the south side general 2 years running now.

Apocalypse is a little different from most teams, in that we have no "tryouts" as such. We have no skill requirements, no age requirements, no kit requirements. In fact, as long as you're a great person and fit in well with the team, you're probably welcome in!

We have a very relaxed atmosphere. You are welcome to play as much or as little as you like. Our philosophy is that most things don't matter, as long as we're having fun.
Apocalypse has a pretty active social side to the team. There are multiple parties per year (normally at the site, or out and about for Christmas, Easter, etc.) and we always throw a huge team into Big Game for a great weekend.

However, when it gets down to it, we can play ball well, we like to train a lot (once a week in peak season) and actively participate in tournaments. We are playing the UK Southern Masters this year and have two teams entered.

We are currently constructing an astroturfed SupAir field on our site, which will be exclusively for the SupAir team and the people they want to allow onto it. Combining this with the site's other facilities such as the 4.5K compressor and a safe area good for 120 players, will give us a very good training ground.

So you want to get involved?:

You can contact me (I'm Steve, the SupAir Captain) here on the forum, if you have any questions or would like to come down.
The team will be down sunday 22nd Jan to do some more work on our field, so you're more than welcome to come down, play some ball and meet the guys.

So what can we offer you?

Plenty of game time - The supair team actively train and participate in tournaments.
A great social team - always a barrel of laughs.
Your very own private SupAir field for the team.
A great sponsorship deal from Apocalypse Paintball itself and our favourite company, LiPS!
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Bouncer Hit nooby paintballer

London Samurai :D
Jan 23, 2009
Hey, i play for the apoc, team, we currently, train at bricketwood, but, as we are building the sup air field as we speak, were going to be training on that, as soon as it's finished, which is at royston apocalypse paintball site.

Stuart Friell

Active Member
Apr 27, 2010
Have you guys thought of playing Formula5, we are always looking for more teams. Dates for this years tournaments have been posted. if you want more details let me know


Jul 6, 2001
Cambs, England

The team died for a while, but, Yes, Apoc has re-emerged for 2016!!

Please note: we are nothing to do with Apocalypse Paintball at Royston, although a couple of the squad work there.

If you’d like to take a closer look, we have a facebook page:


Feel free to contact one of the admins.

We are currently trying to arrange the next training session @ Bricket Wood for this week or next…..