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Bob long victory (frankenvic)


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Mar 11, 2011
south wales
Up for sale is my Frankenvic. Took this in trade for fixing a broken Bob that the owner thought was beyond repair. Honestly I thought this one definitely was but I persevered. So new feed neck off an etek that has been modified (honestly fond this better than the stock feedneck). board has had some resoldering work done by me (it's a virtue board). Board Harness has been rewired with a new plug and so has the battery harness. Grips are mismatched. Comes with SC engine and 691 16" barrel.
Only down side is one of the LEDs on the board has died. You can still adjust settings on it if you follow the instructions as each one is in sequence with different flashes so easy . Then again it's currently set to 10.5 mills so why change?

Price is £120 all in

Any questions feel free to ask.