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Collective opinions on which mask and why


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
If you have a particular type of mask through personal choice pop up your pics and reasons why.

The intention of this thread is to help new players make informed decisions on basic kit purchases, so if you have an extra small or extra large noggin let us know what you use and why!
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Oct 28, 2008
I wear glasses and have a large head, I play woodsball walkons so aren't bothered about promoting bounces, more into protection.

I like JT frames for wearing over glasses and my all time favourite mask is a JT Proteus II, which I don't think you can find new anymore, I always use the peak.
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Aug 19, 2003
JT Pro flex are a great all rounder and probably still the most customizable/moddable goggle out there. Very comfy with room for glasses if needed, and a whole range of lenses. The bottom half is the same design as per the Empire E-flex.

Empire E-flex is the merged super goggle of the JT Pro flex and the Empire E-Vent. Does fit slightly differently in my opinion, but with easier lens removal, its still an excellent choice.

Empire E-Vent is the top end Empire goggle, which uses the same top half as the E-flex. Used one for a few seasons, comfy, great vision.


Active Member
Apr 26, 2014
South East
Any mask with a thermal lens are good, waste of money if you get one without
Sly profit
Dye i4
HK army KLR
Jt flexs
Are all great masks and a lot of the top teams use some of these also, but if your able to try on the mask first because with all things its personal preference, I personally use the Sly profit as it is so comcomfortable and has great a great thermal lens


Aberdeen University Paintball Society (AUPS)
Dec 27, 2012
I've worn a handful of masks, but only ever used two full time..

Sly Profits - Great mask for comfort and protection, changing lenses is super easy, covers the neck, ears and forehead really well and I never in two years had an issue with steaming up outdoors or indoors. This was the first mask I ever bought after trying on Flexes, Events, i4's and Proto Axis'. The negatives for this mask are that you can't hear very well, and your voice is absorbed in the mouth piece. For communication this mask is sub-standard, and while they can be expensive, for someone new to paintball I would definitely say these should be in your list of masks to try!

JT Proflex/Empire E-Flex - I personally have two Proflexes, and I don't think I'll ever change. The ability to customise, the large variety of parts, the breathability are all fantastic. Unlike the Profits you can hear and be heard everywhere on the field. These really are the most comfortable mask I have ever worn. The downsides to the JT are lack of protection on the ears, which you can remedy with hard ears simply enough (See the yellow mask below), and the initial difficulty in changing lenses. The E-Flex, which is super popular with my team mates, has the empire quick change lense which essentially negates the only issue a new payer could have with the JT Proflex, and so, one of these two masks would be my top-most recommendation!

For those with Glasses, both of these masks are great, and have plenty of room for glasses underneath (even people who prefer larger frames like me!) I have a head on the larger scale, and while I frequently had these masks on a looser setting on the strap, I was always comfortable and never had problems with slips. In general you should ALWAYS try as many masks as possible, because everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences and needs.However, having tried many masks myself, I would recommend that you ensure these two masks are on your list of those to try!

Photo 22-01-2014 06 13 33 pm.jpg Photo 22-01-2014 06 13 40 pm.jpg These were my profits, my top recommendation for someone new or someone concerned with protection over communication

1610040_398709170270603_7272089640460828999_n.jpg 10296654_398709163603937_3320909887261990637_n.jpg These are my two Proflexes, my top recommendation for all round performance, customisation and competitive play.
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May 28, 2014
I did a lot of research and eventualy went with the Empire Events, im really pleased with it, the reasons i went for the events is
  • I play woodsball so bounces arent as important as in speedball so you have that little bit extra mouth protection, although it promotes bounces better than a lot of mask it's just not as much as the JT proflex or empire eflex
  • secondly the breathability is very good, the mask sits quite far forward on your face which means it doesnt circulate the air around, so your breathing fresh air. ive heard that masks with a curved bottom like the sly profit circulate the air around, but i've never used one so i may be wrong.
  • looks, in my opinion the events looks awsome
  • good face coverage, i have a medium sized head and this provides good face coverage but is also a sleek design so its not to easy to hit.
  • i wear glasses and this mask accomdates them perfectly, im not saying only get this mask if you wear glasses, as ive used it without and it is just as good
  • soft ears, makes it easier to hear your team
  • easy to change lens, i can change lenses in about 1 minute with no tools
  • two visors included
  • comfort- very comfortable as there is a lot of padding
  • comes with thermal lens
i found an ex-display event for £60 at just paintball and i would recommend it to any player, new or pro

the other masks that you may consider is the jt proflex, empire eflex, dye i3, these where the ones that i had in my short-list after a lot of research.

buy cheap pay twice
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New Member
May 31, 2014
i think dye i4s are very good and quite comfortable, but depending on how far your jaw line sticks out, you might want something else because it hurts when you get his in the jaw. e flexes are good too.


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Normally I wear my Grillz for marshalling but today was especially and unusually sunny so I grabbed the dark lens JT's.

I'd forgotten how good they are!