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Maxtact TGR2 marker w/gun case


Aug 4, 2012
Swansea, Wales, UK
Hi all,

Kid on the way and not a lot of use/room has resulted in this. So quick sale needed.

Selling my Maxtact tgr2 with both the G36 setup and original setup(both with springs etc.
This has the red Athena bolt as well.
Comes with:-
5 x magazines
2 x spare window kits
Spring kit
1-point harness
Maxtact Fury Barrel Kit.
Some spare rails including one for holding a torch/laser.
A 'mock' silencer (made from an old freak front)
And spare O-rings.

I'm including the case as well. Its huge with lots of room 135cm x 35cm x 12cm

Price is all in at £285 but you are welcome to make an offer.
PSX_20190403_134650.jpg PSX_20190403_134734.jpg PSX_20190403_134805.jpg PSX_20190403_134825.jpg