1. Mr. Suicide

    SOLD: Geo 3 w/ Deuce

    Hello, I recently went back to Dye pew pews, so I'm looking to move my Geo 3 on. Prices are ALL IN, via paypal, fees and postage. Geo 3 - Medium Silver/Forest green Standard Trigger (Duece has been sold to @fruitplukker) Soft bolt included (not installed) Hard case (couple dings) Decent...
  2. I Like Gummy Bears


  3. B

    Smart Parts Impulse

    This is my old marker, in pretty great condition, comes with remote line, auto hopper, all the gear is pretty old but still useable. just wondering what sort of price people think this sort of thing might go for these days? or if its worth someone taking it for (smart) parts? any info or...
  4. R.Edmunds82

    Maxtact TGR2 marker w/gun case

    Hi all, Kid on the way and not a lot of use/room has resulted in this. So quick sale needed. Selling my Maxtact tgr2 with both the G36 setup and original setup(both with springs etc. This has the red Athena bolt as well. Comes with:- 5 x magazines 2 x spare window kits Spring kit 1-point...
  5. W

    Leaving sport - Bargain..

    Hi All, Just a bit of context as to why I am selling this, I played paintball and unfortunately I found Airsoft, therefore, I am selling my gear to fund that addiction instead. Please see all the items and descriptions below: Proto Rail, I bought this used and I have used it twice and...
  6. H

    Planet Eclipse Etha Marker Titan White and Black

    Hello everyone I have two planet eclipse etha markers for sale and would like to know what the going value is for them. They both are in mint condition and have only been fired a couple of times, so I have been told, the titan white does have a very light mark on the barrel (shown in the...
  7. Lewis Keen


    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good stores where I can try things out before I buy? I’m in the midlands area but I’m happy to travel.
  8. Jake Burroughs

    Markers / kit

    Hi all, Paintball markers / kit for sale. If my prices are off let me know what you think I would get for them, I'd be willing to let it all go for £250 (including all extras). Tippman x7 phenom with e grip and cyclone feed - £100 ono Tippman Sierra one - £60 ono BT Omega with rip clip /...
  9. uberjuba

    geo 3.1 super blue Geo IV core and geo3.1/lv1 grip kit

    Geo 3.1 in super blue. Good condition. Bit of tip wear on barrel. Spares lube n manual included. Missing Allen keys. £250 all in Iv core. Used but good condition with spare orings and pillow tips. £50 all in Geo 3.1/lv1 blue grip kit. £20 all in Will accept £300 all in if buyer takes the lot...
  10. clix10


    Evening ladies and gents. I would greatly appreciate if anyone has any info on my stolen gun. It is an ALIEN Orange and silver (white), it was stolen out my house last year days after my partner passed away so they knew the house would be empty. Police are aware and as its a year later I'm...
  11. Dinan Gunawardena

    Just starting - recommendations best marker 2017 £100-£200

    Hi All, I've been paintballing (arrive+hire) many times and recently got invited to a training session for a tornament team. I'm hooked and want to get some equipment of my own so I can join the team. I've read a few threads on decent markers, is it possible to get one for tornament use in the...
  12. L

    Vanguard Creed - Brushed Silver - What is it worth?

    I have come into possession of a Brushed Silver Vanguard Creed. It needs a new battery, as the one installed is swollen and not holding a charge. I knew it shot well a couple of years ago but has only been stored and forgotten about since then, I have no idea about the rest of the history...
  13. Lewis Keen

    Looking For Gtek or Etha 2

    Im looking for a Planrt eclipse Gtek or Planet Eclipse Etha 2
  14. Lewis Keen

    Gtek Vs Etek 5

    Ive heard a lot of good things about these markers, what are your opinions on these, which is better? And what makes it better? Spool vs Popit ?
  15. OneFourThree


    LOOKING FOR £100 FOR THE LOT INCLUDING POSTAGE KINGMAN SPYDER MRX ELITE SEMI-AUTO PAINTBALL GUN Comes with original box Specs: -Duel load system. Interchangeable between upper load feed system and 10-round lower magazine feed system -68 caliber -Takes both compressed air and CO2...
  16. Lewis Keen

    Good Tourney Starter Marker

    Hi wanting to get into tournaments but not sure what's a good place to start when looking at markers for tournaments. Any ideas?
  17. Lewis Keen

    Marker Help

    Hi guys, I'm new to paintball but want to get a mid range marker, any ideas on what i could get, my budget is about £400. Is it worth buying New or Used? Thanks.
  18. roy2k14

    CS1 Silver/Black *Everything sold*

    Planet Eclipse CS1 in Silver/Black. Used for a season, comes with everything you'd expect from a newly bought marker. Case, lube, allen keys(One missing), soft tip and hard tip bolt, manual, spares including an updated ASA part and original PE barrel sock that came with the marker and in...
  19. NinjaDan666

    Bob Long 2k2 Dragon Intimidator for Sale £120 All In

    My Timmy is up for grabs. All working no leaks. £120 all in. Shooting vid can be supplied on request, I don't have any paint at the minute or there'd be one to go up now. One of my favourite markers of all time, but I'm stripping down to only whats required as my local site is no longer doing...
  20. Magfed Joker

    Place to practice near Manchester - help please?

    My flatmate and are I 29 and live in Manchester and used to paintball years ago and long story short - we both saw and fell in love with Magfed... haha We got a milsig m17 smg each and are looking to go to some events soon... In the meantime I'm trying to get my girlfriend into it as well but...
  21. danlaws1895

    Vanquish 2.0 Grey/Black - £375 Delivered

    Grey and black vanquish 2.0 for sale with a genuine shot count around 20,000 shots. The marker is in brilliant condition and looks like it's been used maybe once. Just maintenanced and cleaned from top to bottom, then test fired and it shoots great. Comes with Barrel kit, extra bolt and spare...
  22. godlyshotgun2k

    PRICE DROP geo 3.1, csl tip, 68 45 and more PRICE DROP

    PRICE DROP having a bit of a gear clear out, looking to shift a few unused bits and bobs. soldplanet eclipse Birmingham disruption geo 3.1 with shaft pro tip, marker comes with everything as new apart form the spares kit as have miss placed it. the marker its self is flawless never skips a...
  23. danlaws1895

    Vanquish 2.0 Spring

    Hi there, just bought a Vanquish 2.0 from someone off the forum. It didn't come with the spring inside the bolt. Is this needed for the gun to work properly? Thanks
  24. danlaws1895

    Dm12 in Red Cloth and GF Boomstick Barrel

    The Dm12 is in good condition with just the usual wear. Beautiful red cloth design and comes with Allen key and original barrel. Also A like new GF Boomstick Barrel in gold and white. Marker £250 Now £220 ONO Barrel £70 ONO Please offer
  25. Guerrero

    Dye M2 (SOLD!)

    Hello everyone! SOLD! Today I’m bringing to you my Dye M2 Crimson Winter, hoping to find someone who’s interested on purchasing a BEAST ;) I’m the very first owner of this M2, I purchased it 5 months ago and the reason why I’m selling it is because I got myself another DM and I’m in need of a...
  26. Mr. Animal

    Geo 3.5 cash waiting

    Hi guys After a geo 3.5 not too fussed on colour really. Must be fully working Want it for mills or cpps. Cash. Not trading. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  27. Elliott Davies

    planet eclipse etha

    £140 all in. Great condition fantastic marker. Never had issues with it. No signs of anno wear. Back part of barrel has small scratch / mark as shown in pic. Some alan keys missing but comes with manual / grease and spares kit
  28. roy2k14

    Kit sales; Just team jersey left

    Geo 3.1 Blue & Gold, used only a couple months and don't think previous hand have used it much. Slight barrel wear and tiny chip at the end of the frame. Comes with the usual; gun case, allen keys, grease, spares and even the original box packaging. £SOLD posted buyer pay fees. Smart Part...
  29. Adhajm

    please delete now own one

    Looking for a second marker since the cs1 on the horizon, I would be interested in geo 2's & 3's, could push to a lv1 or anything down too a ego 9
  30. JamesWB

    Can I use my own pistol at Delta Force ?

    I have recently bought a Bt sa 17 pistol and I was wondering whether I can use at Delta Force (in Upminster to be precise). The gun itself uses 12 gram co2 cartridges. I know Delta Force say that they don't allow you to bring your own marker on their website but I was reading a post on this...