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NSPL Round 5 - Bricketwood - 25th July

Syd (NSPL)

NSPL and Pr0to KotH
Aug 30, 2001
Torquay, UK
The NSPL roadshow returns to Bricketwood for our penultimate round of the 2010 season and the Yorkie-man has been a very busy bee whilst we have been away. Fields 2 and 3 have now been astroturfed to ensure an excellent playing surface at this already amazing venue. This season has seen constant improvements to the site and our last visit of the year will enjoy all of them, coupled with the NSPLs high-level of service and facilties, ensuring a fantastic event for all.

There is everything to play for as Round 5 draws closer, with competition across all divisions looking tense and the demanding divisional structure of the league throwing up surprises to ensure no one is safe at the top. This is one season that will be a nail-biting battle right to the finish post.

With the Federation Cup date being announced as well, NSPL teams can now turn their attention to playing for seeding points for the big end-of-season finale in September that will see teams from all across the country meeting up to decide who is the best of the best.

Round 5 is not to be missed, so get your team booked in early to ensure your spot by calling me on 01626 833 200 or by registering online at http://www.nspl.co.uk/fixtures.php

IMPORTANT: It is time to check your IDs gentlemen. As you all know, all players must be registered with the UKPSF in order to play in the NSPL. At Round 5, we will be checking EVERYONE's UKPSF membership. You will need your card and your UKPSF number will be recorded to be checked against the UKPSF database. If you have been naughty this year, you will need to get this sorted before the event.

We are not announcing a field plan for this event as yet. We will be waiting a week or two to see if the Paris layout is released. If it isn't, we will run with either the Campaign layout or the PSP MAO layout. Please feel free to post your opinions on this subject and we will confirm the field as soon as possible.

The Proto KotH will be held on Saturday and the main event is then scheduled for Sunday.

There will be members of the trade on site to see to all of your equipment and paint needs, and provide that extra bit of atmosphere that we all enjoy.

Photography will be covered by the excellent FBI and Paintball Pictures crews. Reffing will be expertly handled by Reading Entity and the NSPL Refs crew.

You can book your team in to either the Proto KotH or the NSPL by calling 01626 833 200 or by visiting http://www.nspl.co.uk to book in and pay your deposit online.

Impulse raider

Jun 4, 2008

Not sure about everyone elses opinion but mine is one of, i have played that field three times..

So something different for every round... so PSP MAO


ATPB Factory 2012
May 15, 2009
Yer I think mine has run out to I think that we should still use the cc layout I can't get enuff of it lol


Go Hard or Go Home
Mar 21, 2009
i think a poll should be made. pick 3 or 4 layouts and let the player decided.

for example.

1: Campaign
2: MAO
4: an old old old MS one (if you can find one)

would be fun to see what players wana play and would be different.
this is ofcourse if MS dont release the france layout in time