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PL Impulses


New Member
Apr 29, 2020
hey all, looking to offload some of my old private label impulses. I have a 32°, freak factory and a adrenalin impulse. Im trying to figure out exactly what i put in them all those years ago but assming nothing else is upgrade besides what i list below, what would be fair to ask for them? They all work and i added vision to them all. I bought a few blackhearts back in the day so im just assuming thats whats installed.

The list as far as i know:

- 32° (red)
Dye barrel
LPR kit
Vision board (probably a blackheart)
CP reg (have original gas thru)
Blade trigger
Hybrid grips
NDZ ASA with on/off
No feedneck

- Adrenalin (blue splash)
Progressive barrel
CP reg (have original gas thru also)
Vision (probably blackheart)
Delrin curved trigger
ASA with on/off

- Freak Factory (blue/silver fade - #0158)
Freak Barrel
Vision (also most likely a blackheart)
CP LPR kit
ST bolt and pin
Blade trigger
Q-lok feedneck
Foregrip (think its Smart Parts, have original too)
Dye sticky grip
CP latch
CP ASA with on/off



Well-Known Member
Jun 9, 2009
the last PL impy i got was a PE one about 2 mouths ago i payed 60 for it as the prices for them now is nothing like years ago if and when you post them up for sale tag me in plz