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SOLD - Eclipse SL74 XSV Ego - Limited Edition - Gold / Silver


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May 15, 2003
I am having to sell one of my favourite markers to fund the purchase of an LV. It breaks my heart but the XSV SL74 has to go to a new home.

As you can see from the pictures this is in mint condition and has been stripped and serviced after every use. It comes with barrel bag, spares kit, a full allen key set and an Eclipse gun bag, as not got the original box any more. I have also attached a PDF of the manual to this listing. The only wear is slight anno wear on the end of the barrel, as to be expected, otherwise this is in beautiful condition.

I have recorded a video here of me airing it up and test firing it this morning, so you can see there are no air leaks and it is in perfect condition. I think the SL74 has probably the best trigger Planet have ever done and the rate of fire you can get on uncapped semi is crazy. I have currently set it to 10bps ramping.

I am genuinely upset to have to sell this and it is a great opportunity for someone to have a legendary marker.

Will sell for £395 including fees and postage. No low balling as I am happy to keep it if I can not get around this figure.