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Summer Series Round 6 18th Sept


The Other Guy
Dec 5, 2010
Thanks guys for such an awesome day, it was my first super5ives and my first tourney aswell, i bloody loved it was awesome. thanks to all the guys who organised the event. thanks everyone who was there :)


Southern Pirates
Thanks to Kitch & Noush for putting these events on, Ambush Southampton for hosting them, Seona, all the Ref's and event crew, all the teams, and our sponsors and suppliers of our awesome kit (SOS Paintball, Dark Sports, Planet Eclipse,) amd the guys who guested for us (Tommy from Fever Academy, Andy from Carebears, and Nicky Honing.) Us Pirates had a great time :)


Bluey .. ... ...Teams :- Care Bears UK
Jul 7, 2007
Well done everybody as usual a bloody good day with good sunshine, Win or Lose It didn`t matter , well It did for those that Won , as the sunshine was there and only started raining when we all finished, Kitch you weather God You, Got to say that yesterday was the best day I`ve seen there for a long time , with the ability and skill , YES skill , from all the teams, seemed like the teams wanted to show a little more teeth and that`s how it should be, Well done the Pirates , that`s the best I`ve ever seen you play and that goes to Demo Squad too, Fever your going from strength to strength, Damn it everybody played great even new guys to the teams....Just x 3 words.......Thanks Kitch, Refs........Bluey
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