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Tippmann TCR - when is it going to come out?


New Member
Nov 17, 2014
Hi guys!

I'm looking forward to buy my first marker, after all research I did I'm in 90% convinced that Tippmann TCR would be the right choice for me - minus 10% cause didn't hold it yet :)

Why do I want it?
First of all is budget. It's basically ready to use straight out of the box, just need some paint and CO2 cartridges and of course few extra mags ;) When you start in paintball there is a lot of things to buy and with this one don't really need to buy hopper or air system, although air system I would get on following month. It's a lot easier to order some CO2 cartridges to play in backyard instead of travelling 20 miles to refill air tank.
Another thing - it's Tippmann, reputable company with high quality products and platform TCR is built on is proven to be very reliable. It's also very easy to modify it.
Last but not least, it looks awesome!

But when is it coming out?

I'd be happy to go on next event with my own marker. Been doing research and there is nothing new about release date, it's meant to be out in December.... :(

Does anyone know anything about it?