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Whats the difference in AIR ?

Sid Sidgwick

North East Killers-Lethal Bizzle
They have different re-test dates (see hpac website I think for dates, or use search button) Do the alu ones come in 4500psi? if not then thats a difference :D Fibre wrapped are safer supposendly as if they explode the wrapping is meant to absorb some of the shock so they cause less damage than the others.

Im sure there are loads of other things but im half asleep and can't think



Leeds Uni Paintball Club
Jul 9, 2006
Do the alu ones come in 4500psi?
i don't know but i doubt it, or at least i can't see anyone but arnie lugging one around...had a 72cu 3000psi one and that was far bigger and heavier than could be comfortable, just ended up paying out for a fibre-wrapped as well as soon as i could afford it...