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When was your first time?


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One of my 'mates and I were having a discussion about when we first started out, and we were trying to remember our first elimination (what did you think this thread was about?). I really don't recall, but I know that I had played paintball three different times before I got it, and I mean I had played all friggin' day. I always blame it on the guns we were using, I was shooting a Splatmaster against guys with good pumps, the thing is, I really wasn't the only newb out there with a Splat. It was hard for me to face the reality that I couldn't even take out other poorly- outfitted newbs....*sniffle* Anyhow, enough of that...*sigh*... I'm hoping that someone else out there can beat my three session dry spell. How long did it take you guys to get your first elimination? I've got my b.s. detector on also, so no making up stuff to make me feel worse!


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Oct 27, 2001
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I managed to shoot to shoot one of my mates before our very first game. In thee olde days, when safety was very much a minor consideration,(It was years before I saw a mask or chrony) we often used to pop a round into a buddy in the safe zone (don't try this , kids, and stay in school).
Splatmasters were awful, I hated them with a passion and went through many games never hitting anyone because I could never get the hang of loading the bast*rds. Pump guns never agreed with me much, either :mad:
Oct 4, 2001
all over
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well the first time i went i got shot out in the first minute of the first four games..........good going. we started at worsly with pumps, only once did we ever use semis before i got my first gun.........which was a year later............but anyway, back to the story.....

........so then i lit up this one guy and was hooked forever.


"The Real Apoc"
Oct 13, 2001
Royston, Herts.
Sorry to disspoint guys, but my first elimination came on about my second or third game, playing woodland with what I think was a Tippmann. Have`nt been playing long enough to remember pumps, which is a thing I am thankful for!!!!
To be truthful though I did get totally pummeled on my first game, boy I shat my pants !!! :p
I can appreciate how difficult it was 2 play with pumps in the olden days!!! Jesus you would`nt have been able to get much more than 2 bps :D Think it would be cool to do pump dayz now though!!!


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Mar 10, 2002
Stafford, England
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I remember when i first played ....... it was cool , but we didnt have hoppers ...... just a tube with 10 balls in it (wow) and £1 for ten paintballs ...... most expensive, but ive never looked back.

Those pumps were mighty fun !!!!


Madmax13 :D


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Mar 3, 2002
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My first time was at the NPF in the West Midlands and we were against a group of lads that were playing really dirty, even the Marshalls were disgusted with their behavour. They were blatantly cheating and even though head shots do not count at the NPF they were specifically shooting for head shots!

Eventually our Marshall told us to cheat back otherwise the day would have been ruined!

I won a t-shirt that day, I got stuck behind a tree and got shot in the head about 30 times in a row and the Marshall awarded me the T-shirt because he had never seen anyone get that many head shots in one go! I was so close to just getting up and kicking the hell out of the guy shooting me but i managed to resist.

Sorry I do not remember pumps either the first gun I used was a Tipman 98.
damn guys, how long have you been playing?
i am just 19 and i remember playing with pumps!

But my first day was at Skirmish south east
and i had so much fun i went every holidays and then bout a year ago decided to take it more seriously! if you are looking a starting out with tournaments, get in contact with them at bullswood, top guys always willing to help new teams, kit or not