1. Luke Dreelan

    pods and packs

    Hi Guys I'm still fairly new to paintball and i am near to completing my kit collection all i need is a pack and some pods what are good suggestions for packs is it worth it to go for the expensive strapless packs or just go for the cheaper ones and in regards to pods are things like lock lids...
  2. R


    Hi I'm just wondering what a common injury is while paintballing? Is this due lack of mask protection? Neck protection?

    ***Ultimate head gear deal***

    Hi there, THIS is what I'm selling: I am selling the ultimate headgear that the paintball has ever witnessed. I am hoping to sell it all at once. I am willing to provide a discount if you buy the lot. I want ONE sale ideally. Why is it so 'Ultimate'? Well, this is vintage stuff. This is...